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Bowling machines

At the back of the bowlingalley the bowlingpins are displayed. To make sure they are set after each throw, a bowlinglane can’t do without a bowlingmachine. Whether it’s an automatic pinsetter or a string Pin boymachine. B.C.E. can supply all types of machines, new as well as used. We hold over a 100 used pinsetters on stock which we can deliver as is or refurbished with warrantee!

Automatic Pinsetter

The automatic pinsetter sets the bowlingpins after each throw. The pins are set and standing independent without any attachment to the machine. This makes the automatic pinsetter ideal for tournaments because a bowler’s throw cannot be influenced by any cords or wandering pins. In fact, official tournaments worldwide can only be played on automatic pinsetters. Unfortunately they need a lot of maintenance, but good service does give them a lifetime performance.

String machine

The word string already points out the main feature of this type of bowlingmachine, meaning that the pins are set by an attached string to the machine. This way your bowlingpins never get lost! The string bowlingmachine has some great advantages, for instance the string bowlingmachine is very low on maintenance, saving you a lot of refurbishment and bowlingparts costs. And more over it’s easy to work with even for people without any mechanical background. The string bowlingmachine is a great solution for small centers where there are no official tournaments held.

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